Planning underway

Braille cake: a cake topped with candy braille dots, which read “Celebrating 200 years of Braille” (in this picture, partially obscured by a candle).

Conference is finished for another year, and planning is well underway for next year. Thanks to everyone who has shared ideas, feedback and offers of support. This will be the first time that Round Table’s annual conference has come to New Zealand, and we’re excited about the opportunity to do things a bit differently.

This year’s conference was a great blend of interesting presentations, practical workshops and opportunities to network with colleagues and friends. The photo above is from the conference dinner. As well as the usual chance to socialise, dinner this year included a braille cake to mark Louis Braille’s bicentenary, and the presentation of Round Table’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Awards, to Bruce Maguire and Mary Schnackenberg. A few more photos from the event are online.

What should we do for conference dinner next year – perhaps a theme, speakers, a hāngi? Leave a comment if you have any ideas.


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