Accessible e-text and clear print workshops added to programme

Round Table Guidelines for Accessible E-text

We’ve just added a couple of workshops to the programme on the Tuesday morning, introducing Round Table’s new e-text and clear print guidelines. These workshops will provide an overview of the documents and an opportunity to ask questions and learn how you can apply them to your work.

The Round Table Guidelines for Accessible E-text have recently been published. The Guidelines are available on the Round Table website for members to download, and will be available for purchase in print, braille and large print at the Conference.

The Guidelines were produced to provide electronic document creators with an understanding of accessibility principles, and some best practice accessibility methods across a variety of electronic formats in common use. The new guidelines update the Round Table’s 1995 publication Guidelines for preparation of text materials on computer disk for people with print disabilities.

The Clear Print guidelines outline a general approach to print design that produces a legible, uncluttered format which all readers will find easier to read. The guidelines also cover large print production, and will replace the Round Table’s Guidelines for the Production of Large Print, published in 1996.

The Clear Print guidelines are expected to be available shortly.


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