Trade Exhibitor: PLEXTALK (Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.)

Japanese talking book player manufacturers PLEXTALK will be exhibiting at this year’s conference:

Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd., and its subsidiary company Plextor, are responsible for the development and manufacturing of digital talking book players (DTBPs) and other assistive technology products sold under the brand name of PLEXTALK. Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of DTBPs and a leader in digital recorders since the initiation of the digital talking book players and the creation of the global standard DAISY in 1990’s. PLEXTALK assistive technology products are created to improve the quality of life, self-reliance and independence of their users.

You will see how the company has contributed to the evolution and promotion of DAISY at:

We will display our latest products at our booth:

1. PTX1: Hybrid DAISY player with CD, SD, USB and network capability, that will be used for DAISY Online Delivery

2. Pocket PTP1: Hand-held DAISY digital book player with DAISY recording feature

This year’s conference programme also includes a presentation from Mr. Hiromitsu Fujimori of PLEXTALK about trends in DAISY players.

If your company or organisation is interested in having exhibition space at the conference, check out our information for trade exhibitors and get in touch with us if you have any questions.


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