InternetNZ Copyright seminar: 26 May in Auckland

On 26 May, the day after Round Table conference finishes, InternetNZ is holding a free public seminar in Auckland on the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill, to assist with submissions to the Select Committee.

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill is a replacement for section 92a of the Copyright Act 1994, which was removed after public protest over provisions that included internet account termination for people accused of copyright infringement.

Copyright and the proposed section 92a intersect with print disability issues because the internet and electronic publishing formats are such a critical source of information and social participation for people who can’t get information from print. The copyright panel discussion at Round Table will discuss recent international copyright negotiations that aim to improve availability of accessible information around the world. RNZFB’s recent submission to the ACTA consultation outlines a few areas where digital copyright impacts on information access for print-disabled people.

The InternetNZ seminar is being held at the Aotea Centre from 9am to 1pm on Wednesday 26 May. Speakers include Kim Connolly-Stone and Peter Bartlett from the Ministry of Economic Development, technologist Nat Torkington, ISP industry stalwart David Diprose, Creative Freedom Foundation’s Matthew Holloway and ICT lawyer Rick Shera.

The InternetNZ website has more information and RSVP details.


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