Round Table 30th Anniversary Conference Registration Reminders

A reminder

  • Conference accommodation booking are required today, Tuesday 19th April 2011
  • Conference registrations close this Thursday, the 21st of April 2011.

Conference Venue:  Bayview on the Park Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria

Conference Dates:   Sunday 21st  May 2011 – Tuesday 24th May 2011

Conference Theme: 

Bridging the Information Access Gap: Past Successes & Future Challenges

When completing your registration for the conference please be aware that the fee structure has changed this year. The full conference registration rate is valid for registration for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, including the Conference Dinner & Welcome Function however the ABA Meeting Day is not included in this registration rate and must be added if you are intending to attend the meeting on Saturday. 

A special note for Round Table members

The 2011 Round Table AGM will be held on Monday afternoon, 23rd May.  The Round Table Executive Committee request that a representative from each member organisation be present at this meeting if at all possible.  It is a constitutional requirement that an AGM be held each year and a quorum is required before the AGM can proceed.  This means at least 50% of eligible voting members must be present in person at the AGM.  Please refer to rule 26,parts (1) through to (4) of the Rules of Association of the Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Incorporated.

Should you have any queries or require the documentation in an alternate format please do not hesitate to contact me.


Telephone:  0417 101 418 or 03 6265 1519



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