Conference specials

Round Table guidelines

This morning at conference, the Executive announced a couple of special deals.

The first deal is conference-only pricing on professionally-printed copies of our guidelines on producing accessible information. The prices below apply if you buy copies of the guidelines in-person at the conference. All include Australian GST.

  • Guidelines on accessible e-text: $20 for members (usually $30), $30 for non-members (usually $40)
  • Duxbury Braille Translator Reference Manual: $40 for members (usually $50), $50 for non-members (usually $60)
  • Guidelines on accessible assessment: $20 for members (usually $30), $30 for non-members (usually $40)
  • Guidelines on producing clear print: $40 for members (usually $50), $50 for non-members (usually $60)
  • For members only, a pack of all four guidelines is available for $100 (usually $160).

The second special deal relates to the membership fee for new Round Table members. If your organisation joins before 31 July 2011, you’ll get a 50% discount on 2011 membership, and a complimentary set of the four Round Table guidelines documents listed above. Visit the Round Table website for details of membership, or email Tammy Axelsen, Round Table’s administration officer, with any questions.


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