UEB Research Report

The email below is circulated for information purposes.


Tammy Axelsen
Round Table Administration Officer


Dear Friends
I  thought you might be interested in the final report on UEB that Pete Osborne and I worked on whilst attending the Round Table conference in Melbourne a few months ago. Your views have been very interesting and thought provoking for braille users here in the UK. It is such an important part of the picture to hear the experiences of people who have gone through the transition process and come out the other side, as it were. You can download the full report from the following link.

The process here in the UK is that the I will be preparing a paper with all the evidence and research that we have collated over the past few ears (I think it will be quite a large paper!) and the board of our national organisation (UKAAF) will consider the proposal in Mid October.

At the moment there is still a lot of concern over the technical codes and how the change will affect current users. So many thanks once again for your contributions and look forward to seeing some of you in Leipzig at Braille 21
With best wishes Mandy

Mandy White
Project Manager (Braille), RNIB
Direct Line: +44 (0)1829 261853


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