Recordings of the ICEB 5th General Assembly in May 2012

Recordings of the ICEB 5th General Assembly in May 2012 are now available for download from the ICEB Web site

A full program is included on the ICEB website, however for your quick reference (and because some of the business items were moved around) the sessions were as follows:

Sessions 1 & 2: Welcome and business including reports on the World Braille Council, Braille 21, and implementation of ICEB’s resolutions of 2008

Session 3: Country reports from Australia, Canada & New Zealand

Session 4: Country reports from Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States

Sessions 5: Keynote address from Dr Joe Phaahla, Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture; adoption of a new Constitution;

Session 6: Treasurer’s Report; Braille Music report; Guidelines for small braille production units

Session 7: Papers – “Braille: a key to literacy” & “The impact of UEB on African Languages in South Africa”

Session 8: “Teaching braille to adult beginners” (SA)

Session 9: Papers – “National certification in literary braille” (USA) & “Plan for international certification in UEB proficiency”

Session 10: “The Trans-Tasman UEB proficiency certificate” & discussion of the role of ICEB in UEB certification

Session 11: UEB training and implementation meeting (not recorded)

Session 12: Papers – “UEB in New Zealand” & “Implementing UEB in the NSW education sector”

Session 13: Refreshable braille committee report & “The future of refreshable braille”

Session 14: “Braille implementation on iOS devices” and “Rapid Braille – DAISY to UEB” (Aus)

Session 15: Codes Maintenance Committee report

Session 16: “The individualized meaning-centered approach to braille literacy education”

Session 17: Resolutions


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