Onkyo World Braille Essay Competition

Blind Citizens Australia has been appointed as the National Onkyo Selection Committee (NOSC) for Australia. The contest is sponsored by the Onkyo Corporation Ltd. and The Braille Mainichi in Japan, and is implemented by the World Blind Union-Asia Pacific (WBUAP).

This is an annual project with cash prizes awarded to the best seven entries received with the main prize, “the Otsuki Prize” being $US 1,000. Other prizes are for “Excellent Works” which are $US 500 and “Fine Works” which are either $US 300 or $US 200 depending on the age group.

Participation in the contest is open to anyone who is blind or vision impaired, is over 14 years of age, and lives in the World Blind Union-Asia Pacific Region. Entries are divided into two age groups which are: persons between the ages of 14 and 25 years; and persons from the age of 26 years upwards.

If you enjoy writing Braille essays, or know someone who does, then please carefully read the Terms and Conditions on the Onkyo World Braille Essay Page.

Entries must be submitted in Braille to the BCA National Office, Ross House, Level 3, 247-251 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000 by 15 May 2014. A computerised copy of your entry would also be helpful.

If you have any questions please phone BCA on 03 9654 1400.



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