New guidelines for download

Round Table guidelines

One of the key activities of the Round Table is development of guidelines for the production of accessible formats, including audio, braille, large print, e-text and tactile graphics. Since our last conference, we’ve made three new guidelines available online:

All newly published guidelines are available for free download in a range of electronic formats. Hard-copy print, braille and large print versions of the documents are also available for purchase, with discounts available for Round Table member organisations, using the Order Form for Round Table Guidelines (Word, 40 kB).

At an Executive meeting earlier this year, we established a new Guidelines and Standards Working Group to oversee the development and promotion of Round Table guidelines and standards.

The current projects of the Guidelines and Standards Working Group (as of August 2011) are:

  • reviewing the Round Table’s audio production guidelines, Sound Advice.
  • reviewing the Guidelines on Conveying Visual Information to assess whether an update is needed.
  • considering whether a guideline on accessible forms is needed.
  • developing a process for Round Table to review and endorse externally-produced guidelines and standards.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in being involved with any of these projects.


Accessible document guidelines workshops

Round Table Guidelines for Accessible E-text

Besides organising the annual conference, one of the major activities of Round Table is development of guidelines for the production of accessible information.

This year’s conference marked the completion of five new or updated guidelines documents:

  • UEB Rulebook
  • Accessible E-text
  • Clear Print
  • DBT Reference Manual
  • Examination Guidelines

The conference programme included workshops on the clear print and e-text guidelines, and an update from Executive on guidelines development. Along with launching the new guidelines, we announced that new Round Table guidelines will be available for free download in electronic format from the Round Table website, under a Creative Commons licence.

The workshops were not recorded due to a technical error, but the slides are available on the blog:

The audio and slides from the guidelines update are also available.