2010 Conference: Trade Exhibitors’ Presentations

This session at the 2010 conference of the Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities was a chance for trade exhibitors to highlight their latest products and developments. This session was not recorded, but you can read exhibitors’ slides below.


Accomplish presentation

Accomplish CashManager is a mainstream accounting package – in the Australasian marketplace for nearly 20 years, and used by over 25,000 small businesses. Due to demand we have modified CashManager to be virtually 100% accessible! Tested with various screen readers and magnification products with great success. Recently audited by both Vision Australia and RNZFB.


Slide 1

Accomplish CashManager

The Simpler Alternative for Business Accounting

  • 20 Year Track Record
  • Australia/New Zealand/USA/UK
  • Awesome Support Service
  • Accessible Accounting Software
  • VA & RNZFB Audited

[end of slides]

Adaptive Technology Solutions

Adaptive Technology Solutions presentation

Adaptive Technology Solutions provide assessments, training and products for people with a range of disabilities, including sensory, physical and learning disabilities to make it easier for them to do things like reading printed material and using their computer in order to help them achieve their goals in work, study or leisure.


Slide 1

Adaptive Technology Solutions Limited
Communication Solutions for People with Disabilities
Adaptive Technology logo included.

Slide 2

Quantum Technology
Quantum Technology logo included.

Slide 3

What do we do?
We provide assessments, training & products for people with a range of disabilities, including sensory, physical and learning disabilities, to make it easier for them do things like reading print & using their computer in order to help them achieve their goals in work, study or leisure.

Slide 4

How do we do it?

  • Assessment – Help person identify what they need and arrange product trial.
  • Product Training – Provide training in use of assistive technology.
  • Sales – Sell range of hardware & software products for people with disabilities.
Slide 5

Who could benefit from our services?

  • A person with a visual impairment may need to use screen reading software to access their computer or an electronic magnifier to read print.
  • Someone who has difficulty using their hands could benefit from voice dictation software as a means to access their computer.
  • A person with a learning disability could benefit from learning support software to make sense of print.
Slide 6

Key Benefits

  • Holistic approach to assessment and training.
  • Personal experience. having lived with the effects of disability all my life.
  • Specialize in working with people who are blind or have low vision.
Slide 7

Product Range

  • Electronic magnifiers – handheld to desktop.
  • Text to speech scanners – stand alone or connect to computer.
  • Voice dictation and learning support software.

[end of slides]


PLEXTALK products

Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd., and its subsidiary company Plextor, are responsible for the development and manufacturing of digital talking book players (DTBPs) and other assistive technology products sold under the brand name of PLEXTALK. Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of DTBPs and a leader in digital recorders since the initiation of the digital talking book players and the creation of the global standard DAISY in 1990′s. PLEXTALK assistive technology products are created to improve the quality of life, self-reliance and independence of their users.

You will see how the company has contributed to the evolution and promotion of DAISY at: http://www.daisy.org/stories/shinano-kenshi


Slide 1


We make listening and learning easy.

For Round Table 2010

25 May, 2010

Slide 2

PLEXTALK Worldwide Products


  • PTN2
  • PTX1
  • Net Plextalk


  • Pocket PTP1
  • PTR2
  • DR-1
  • PLEXTALK Recording Software
Slide 3


Portable Digital Book Player with Recording

Slide 4

Your Benefits

  • All Your Books On-the-Go!
    • DAISY 2 and 3 complied, MS Word Doc, plain text, Audible.com, MP3 podcasts or music
  • DAISY Recording for Long Lectures
    • Review Lectures by Navigation
  • Wireless transfer of your books on PC
    • Wireless LAN Capability
Slide 5

What are the differences from other players?

  • Book Player On-the-Go!
    • Light Weight: only 110g
    • USB Charging: 4.5 hours
  • Wireless LAN Capability
    • Network Folder
  • And more!
    • DAISY Recording
    • No Specific Folder Structure Needed
Slide 6


  • Playback DAISY2.02, ANSI/NISO Z39.86/DAISY3.0
  • Supported audio formats – WAV, MP3, WMA (unprotected)
  • Built-in high quality speaker and stereo headphone jack
  • MS Word DOC, plain text, html playback by Text-to-speech engine
Slide 7


  • Recording as DAISY structure
  • Voice note taker function
  • Built-in microphone
  • Plug-in-power stereo microphone input (Also used for Line-in)
Slide 8


  • USB 2.0 high speed interface
  • Support ‘On-The-Go’ and bus power
    • connect to USB flash drive, USB CD drive, USB card reader
    • Personal computer
  • Charging battery over USB port (via computer, USB AC adapter)
Slide 9

Power and Capacity

  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery: up to 10 hour playback
  • Recharging: 4 hour by AC adapter, 4.5 hour by USB
  • SD card: supports SDHC, max. 32GB
Slide 10

and MORE!

  • Audio guidance function
  • Sleep timer up to 2 hours
  • Built-in ‘help’ manual
  • Key describer function
Slide 11


[end of slides]

Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind is New Zealand’s main provider of vision-related habilitation and rehabilitation services to blind and partially sighted people. The Foundation’s vision is empowering and supporting blind and partially sighted New Zealanders to ensure that they have the same opportunities and choices as everyone else.

Vision Australia

Vision Australia is a living partnership between people who are blind, sighted or have low vision. We are united by our passion that in the future people who are blind or have low vision will have access to and fully participate in every part of life they choose.


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