2012 Conference – Universal Access – Are we there yet?

Conference Dates and Veue

Saturday 28th April to Tuesday 1st May 2012

Perth,Western Australia

Conference aims

  • To showcase developments and best practice in the provision of access to information and technology by people with a print disability;
  • To illustrate examples of improved service provision to people with print disabilities outside the traditional print disability sectors;
  • To exchange ideas and enhance peer support networks.

Conference theme

“Universal Access – Are we there yet?”

Digital technology promises to revolutionise information access for people with print disabilities. For the first time, books can be published in an accessible electronic format by mainstream publishers and available at the same time as print editions. Websites can be designed to provide the same richness of information and experience to all visitors. Mainstream devices like the iPad have screen reader access built in, and technology has introduced new options for wayfinding in the built environment.

We’re closer than ever to the goal of universal access to information for people who can’t read print. But are we there yet? What new barriers has technology introduced? Is accessibility in mainstream technologies inevitable, and is it good enough? What is the role of disability agencies and specialist educators in this changing world?

These questions will be explored through a mix of speakers, panel discussions and workshops.


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