Thirty Years Of Progress In Australian Disability Policy: now with captions

Captioned video of Dr Mike Steer

At the 2010 Round Table conference in Auckland, New Zealand, Dr Mike Steer spoke about the history of Australian disability policy. Because he couldn’t attend the conference in person, his presentation was made by pre-recorded video.

Thanks to the support and assistance of our member organisation Media Access Australia, this video is now available to view with captions.

Dr Steer’s PowerPoint slides from this presentation, together with an accessible transcript, are also available on the Round Table blog.


Last of the 2010 Conference Proceedings

I’ve just uploaded the last of the 2020 conference audio: the DAISY Update by Neil Jarvis, from the RNZFB and the DAISY Consortium.

This will probably be the last post on this 2010 Conference blog. Round Table has started a Round Table blog for sharing news about future conferences and other Round Table activities, and we’ll look at merging the two in the near future.

We’ve also opened registrations for the 2011 Conference, themed Bridging the Information Access Gap: Past Successes & Future Challenges. The 2011 conference will be held in Melbourne, between Saturday 21st and Tuesday 24th May 2011. For more information, visit the Round Table blog.

Another braille presentation: cognitive science of reading

This year’s conference included a strand of braille-related papers. I’ve just uploaded the last of these:

Recent developments in the cognitive science of Braille reading by Ash Mathur, Vania Glyn & Dr. Barry Hughes from the University of Auckland. This presentation looked at recent research into neuroscience and braille reading.

Other papers related to braille were:

Unified English Braille in the Pacific

Transition to Unified English Braille (UEB) in the ICEVI Pacific Region was jointly written by Josie Howse of the Department of Education New South Wales, Frances Gentle from RIDBC Renwick Centre & University of Newcastle, Karen Stobbs, Manager of Assessment and Teaching Services at BLENNZ and Janet Reynolds, Manager Braille and Electronic Text at RNZFB.

Karen and Janet presented the paper at this year’s conference, and gave an overview of the transition to Unified English Braille in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Braille music education in New Zealand

Today’s addition to the blog is a presentation from Wendy Richards, Braille Music Specialist at BLENNZ and Lisette Wesseling, Braille Awareness Consultant at Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.

Their presentation, entitled Bringing Braille Music Back from the Brink, discusses the braille music education revival in New Zealand through innovative teaching, production and promotion tools.

Two more presentations: looking forwards and backwards

I added two more presentations to the site this morning:

Accessible document guidelines workshops

Round Table Guidelines for Accessible E-text

Besides organising the annual conference, one of the major activities of Round Table is development of guidelines for the production of accessible information.

This year’s conference marked the completion of five new or updated guidelines documents:

  • UEB Rulebook
  • Accessible E-text
  • Clear Print
  • DBT Reference Manual
  • Examination Guidelines

The conference programme included workshops on the clear print and e-text guidelines, and an update from Executive on guidelines development. Along with launching the new guidelines, we announced that new Round Table guidelines will be available for free download in electronic format from the Round Table website, under a Creative Commons licence.

The workshops were not recorded due to a technical error, but the slides are available on the blog:

The audio and slides from the guidelines update are also available.